They thought I was an Angel, when I was just a Messenger!


One of the key reasons of starting this blog was to pen down my anger on the reality and suffering of animals in Pakistan and all over the world. As humans, we may have achieved zillions of milestones in myriad walks of life, but when it comes to compassion we have reached nowhere.

Of course, I am referring to mankind in general, whom I often refer to as man-cruel. It is evident from the efforts that humans have put in destroying so many wild species from the face of earth over the last century. Unfortunately, now we are left with a handful of species; the rare ones at the verge of extinction and all of this leading towards an ecological imbalance, which would ultimately lead to the end of all life.

I feel this world is cruel to animals as well as animal lovers. They may both share a handful of joyous moments and years together (oblivious to the world), but mostly this companionship is short-lived and followed by suffering wherever the world gets a chance to intrude.

Today, I want to write about a similar intrusion. Last year, my family met someone beautiful quite accidently. There was this stray female dog in our neighborhood. She had given birth to a litter and those little fur balls were living outside our neighbor’s house. Before we could know, we became quite attached to the dog whom we started calling ‘Angel’. We put a collar around her neck so everyone would know she is a pet. She used to visit us every morning and evening; she was friendly and harmless.

However, in Karachi like many other metros of Pakistan, the authorities had come up with a vicious practice of shooting all dogs regardless of caring whether they were actually dangerous or suffering from rabies or were they really a serious threat to people. We were always afraid for Angel because of this looming danger. Sadly, we couldn’t keep her with us in our rented space and a hater of a landlady. At that time, our hands were tied real bad so we did whatever we could.

We sent Angel and her pups to an animal shelter – the best in town as was claimed, for their safety. However, when we visited the shelter, Angel seemed sad and uncared for. While the shelter became a home for her litter, it was clearly not her place. Looking at her sadness, we brought Angel back to our neighborhood.


Angel sitting at her favorite spot

We got her neutered, put a collar around her and cared for her. Angel was so happy as we could see her beautiful transformation through her pictures. She had her stray pals here; they played together. She continued to visit us daily. There was this spot outside our house where she used to sit gracefully. Everybody in the locality knew she was our pet dog. Life was good.

Until, one morning when we were getting ready for work we heard a few gun shots. We went out looking for Angel to bring her inside till the shooters left. We didn’t find her, but we saw two of her strays pals dead. They looked so innocent even when they were dead. At last, we saw Angel on the opposite side of the road. We ran towards her but in an instant, there was a gunshot and the shooter had hit her heart.

It was devastating. While my brother fought with the shooter and everyone else shamed the shooter for killing dogs unreasonably considering them a nuisance, I stood by our dying Angel. She was looking at me and then she was gone. What could fighting achieve…the poor animal had suffered and was dead already.

The sight of her walking, getting shot and then dying in my hands never leaves me. Of course, I don’t expect people to understand such bonds – people are hardly faithful and loyal to each other to figure out the friendship of a human and dog. Angel was too good for this world and it seemed like her death was waiting for her in the neighborhood. Though, we loved her so much, we couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t save her, although she was a dream pet for any dog lover. The next few months were depressing and I often felt sad for all those mornings when I didn’t get up to see her.

Although Angel will never be forgotten, but I feel all this was so unnecessary. She could still be alive today.

Like Angel, 100s of dogs were killed in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Some are shot and some are being poisoned to death. It doesn’t matter if you put collars around their necks. People feel society will be cleansed by wiping them off. The concept of TNR (Trap-Nueter-Release) is unknown to authorities and governing bodies here. After every few months, we see papers covering news of how 300 dogs were killed in the line of some kind of duty. I mean don’t we have terrorists and suicide bombers to deal with or stray dogs the biggest threat to our country’s existence?

Though, I stopped following these updates after Angel was shot, my siblings tell me there have been petitions and a case has been filed too against the killing of dogs leading to a supposed halt to such massive killings.

Maybe, one day there will be a bill that abandons such dog killings in Pakistan, but what we really need are the basics – we need to be taught of compassion from the beginning. People need to respect each other and animals. We need to learn to coexist. Only, then can we see the change that brings positivity and life. Till then, I know, there will be many more Angels crossing the rainbow bridge before their time and many more broken hearts lamenting over their loss.




Seek more,

Find more,

There’s plenty of it:

An infinite plethora of disappointment.

Perhaps it’s the timing or maybe the stars are aligned way out of proportion. Maybe we’re standing on the wrong side of the bridge; or is it just that our luck fails us again and again? This vicious cycle never seems to break. The more you try to push hard, it strikes back on our face. Have you felt this way? How do you deal with such unplanned and unwelcoming disappointments?

I have been through various phases of disappointments over the years. Some are long forgotten and some have marked themselves evidently, as lessons for life. There is really no getting away from them, so to speak. I mean, that’s how life is with its ups and downs.

People, generally speaking were the prime cause of disappointment (unless I never expect nothing of them, but how practically possible is that?) as I recall. Then, there were times when we lost some dear ones or as they say God took them away from us and we were so helpless. It taught me that we can’t really save anyone, no matter how much we love them.

Recently, I was questioning myself the age old typical question – ‘Why me?’ but then I thought why am I troubling myself with this after all. Nothing can change what has already happened and even if I do get an answer to this question, how enlightened will it leave me?

Is it really worth pondering and graying my hair further?

In moments like these, I choose to sleep. Sometimes, when I am disappointed beyond belief and I know it is humanly impossible to re-shape the scenario, then I simply decide to shut my eyes and get the hell away from this world. Trust me, the next morning as I wake up I feel terribly lighter. I may not be absolutely sparkly and happy (that would be a bit too dramatic), but at least I don’t feel that miserable either. There’s no harm in lessening the burden of these uninvited downers with an escapade that leaves you a bit healed.

How do you deal with disappointments? Tell me about it…You never know how your escapade or tip might actually be helpful for others.


Colossal Chaos


The not so appealing salad  🙂

The week has been quite heavy so far. Tied up in colossal chaos at many levels to scribble something therapuetic for the soul and struggling from an annoying viral for far too long.

However, here’s a little gigantic and rather simple treat – though you just might not love it much (depending on your taste buds).

This mother of a salad tower was built by some of my beautifully comical and lovely girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, when we ran out of foodie options during the lunch break. It was good and the company was even better!

Meanwhile, have a good week ahead. Weekend’s not that far – that is my only motivating pill right now 😊😷


Junkie for Life


All these years of hoarding a sizeable professional experience in various organizations and industries, around (almost) every possible pedigree of bosses and interactions with a diverse lineage of colleagues – there’s one thing they all had in common.

They all concluded that I’m a  ‘Junkie for life’.

Well, there was a lot more to know and understand, but then, never mind.  I guess, that must have been a blessing in disguise after all. At least, that’s how I’d like to consider it.

So, yes coming back to my ‘junkie’ title; I don’t blame them either. I have always portrayed myself as Z who loves junk food, in particular chips (plain, slims, curly, wavy, rings –  just bring it on) and those masala fries (spicy fries) from the thelay wala near the office, and man trust me there always was one no matter in which part of the city I worked.  And then, there have been other favorites too like the corn and peanuts (spicy and non-spicy), samosas and rolls.

I am not sure what surprised them more – my barely non-existent profile post-consumption or the fact that I always had some junk to share with others. I mean, in all honesty, it is always more fun to talk, while munching on my inventory together. Well, not always! There have been occasions with uninvited greedy guests; I am quite COLD towards such intrusions. You want to me by junkie friend, you gotta earn that space buddy.

Recently, I also started storing some additional stuff, ‘cause the demand is way too high. I don’t know if it’s the job or the place or the generic attribute on the floor. People are always smelling the pack in my drawer from a distance…I have little choice but to help them. I doubt that this would ever have any impact on my appraisal though. But then for the sake of humanity and being a true ‘junkie’ I have to maintain my reputation too.

Anyway, I know this may seem to be an unhealthy piece of junk right now, but that’s me. I do wish from the bottom of my heart to adopt more healthy ways (which I could write down, and you can maybe save my tips for your babies (just saying)) and honestly there are those rare days when I too try some healthy eating habits, but that phase dies too soon. Till then, just thought to bring some junk on the table!

P.S. It’s still unhealthy…don’t fall for it. Enjoy the blog though and laugh it off 🙂




It’s time for a Friday Fur Kid post!

We’ve all got our shit to deal with. It’s obviously really important to us irrespective of the nature and size of the problem. In a way, we’re all busy fighting our mini battles and colossal wars in our tiny world. Some of us are hungry for victory, but some of us simply care to survive.

It’s no different for animals. In this essentially cruel world of humans, every specie is barely surviving.

Looking at their rate of extinction, one can only hope for the return of humanity (and sanity).

– Z.