They thought I was an Angel, when I was just a Messenger!


One of the key reasons of starting this blog was to pen down my anger on the reality and suffering of animals in Pakistan and all over the world. As humans, we may have achieved zillions of milestones in myriad walks of life, but when it comes to compassion we have reached nowhere.



Seek more,

Find more,

There’s plenty of it:

An infinite plethora of disappointment.

Junkie for Life

All these years of hoarding a sizeable professional experience in various organizations and industries, around (almost) every possible pedigree of bosses and interactions with a diverse lineage of colleagues – there’s one thing they all had in common.

They all concluded that I’m a ‘Junkie for life’.


I often wonder have we taken it as our core responsibility to make everything about life so damn complicated…not just for others but also for ourselves. Day in, day out during the many interactions, casual conversations and gestures that we exchange, I feel that we work on complicating life…quite habitually.