Junkie for Life


All these years of hoarding a sizeable professional experience in various organizations and industries, around (almost) every possible pedigree of bosses and interactions with a diverse lineage of colleagues – there’s one thing they all had in common.

They all concluded that I’m a  ‘Junkie for life’.

Well, there was a lot more to know and understand, but then, never mind.  I guess, that must have been a blessing in disguise after all. At least, that’s how I’d like to consider it.

So, yes coming back to my ‘junkie’ title; I don’t blame them either. I have always portrayed myself as Z who loves junk food, in particular chips (plain, slims, curly, wavy, rings –  just bring it on) and those masala fries (spicy fries) from the thelay wala near the office, and man trust me there always was one no matter in which part of the city I worked.  And then, there have been other favorites too like the corn and peanuts (spicy and non-spicy), samosas and rolls.

I am not sure what surprised them more – my barely non-existent profile post-consumption or the fact that I always had some junk to share with others. I mean, in all honesty, it is always more fun to talk, while munching on my inventory together. Well, not always! There have been occasions with uninvited greedy guests; I am quite COLD towards such intrusions. You want to me by junkie friend, you gotta earn that space buddy.

Recently, I also started storing some additional stuff, ‘cause the demand is way too high. I don’t know if it’s the job or the place or the generic attribute on the floor. People are always smelling the pack in my drawer from a distance…I have little choice but to help them. I doubt that this would ever have any impact on my appraisal though. But then for the sake of humanity and being a true ‘junkie’ I have to maintain my reputation too.

Anyway, I know this may seem to be an unhealthy piece of junk right now, but that’s me. I do wish from the bottom of my heart to adopt more healthy ways (which I could write down, and you can maybe save my tips for your babies (just saying)) and honestly there are those rare days when I too try some healthy eating habits, but that phase dies too soon. Till then, just thought to bring some junk on the table!

P.S. It’s still unhealthy…don’t fall for it. Enjoy the blog though and laugh it off 🙂



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