It wasn’t about a cupcake – it was Women’s Day

The cupcake I gave to a boy on this Women’s Day!

A bit too late on my part, but my day was way too long to keep track of time, so I hope all the beautiful women I know and others (whom I don’t) around the globe had an amazing Women’s Day.

I pray that each one of you will continue to shine in your own unique way and achieve all your dreams real soon. May your struggles and efforts pay off in the best possible way. Most importantly, I wish that you will continue to make the most of your life, face your demons fearlessly, fight for your rights bravely and of course be happy, above all.

No matter what each one of us do, at home or outside, it is about time that we learn to respect our own efforts before anyone else does. That is the least we can do for ourselves. It is not just our work that always defines us, it is a lot more than that and each one of us need to take our own journey to discover this.

I am no feminist and though it was just another day, as we say, but it just reminded me how fortunate I have been to be surrounded by some of the most outstanding women in my life; women who have only made me stronger over the years with their love and support when I so badly needed it. I have always cherished you and will to do so till my brain and heart works fine.

Wishing you all a very Happy International Women’s Day!


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