Travel Diaries: A trip to Malaysia


It was in the year 2008 that I took my first international trip without my family.  I never really felt alone, because I went with a considerably large group of colleagues and business partners. As goes my story, it was yet again a psychotic working year for me with some nerve wrecking pressure on all ends. Thus, this was a rather pleasant break.

During my visit to Malaysia two things that I vividly remember about this country is the cleanliness I witnessed in every corner I visited and secondly how vital it was for the natives to be punctual at all times. We were young, stupid, of course excited and being Pakistanis time was least of our concerns, but our guide was quite harsh about it.  So strict that he would actually leave us and go on with the day’s tour plan. We, therefore, had to take his word seriously.

I want to quickly share some of the highlights of this trip today.

Needless to say that if you’re in Malaysia you have to visit the Petronas Twin Towers. I didn’t realize the big deal about them then, but they have their own charm, regardless. On our first night in Kuala Lampur (KL) we had dinner at a rooftop hotel from where we could see the beautiful view of the city’s skylines and of course Petronas right before our eyes.

During the next two days, which were no less than an army training (thanks to Mr. Guide), we visited Genting Highlands, the beautiful hill resort in Malaysia. My favorite place was of course the Genting Theme Park here. The rides, food, shops – it was all fantastic to put it mildly.

The last and third major attraction was a day trip to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, yes the water theme park. I am not really a big fan of water parks, but I had the right company and I did have shit loads of fun here.

Shopping options are great in KL and I did most of my shopping from Suria KLCC and a few other malls. Food was not really a problem there for Muslims obviously, but my favorite spot was Burger King.

Just sharing that at that time, I didn’t carry a camera and as for my cell phone, though hard to believe, I was not too big on selfies or photography back then. Sadly, I was the fool who visited all these amazing places and didn’t take any decent picture. This was one of the reasons why I delayed my first travel post for so long, because I just wanted to kick start with my Malaysia tour (but with almost zero pictures) and then move further. So, folks spare me for not being too articulate and chronically correct here because I actually relied heavily on my memory here.

Looking back, this trip brings back awesome memories. It gave me the exposure and confidence that I couldn’t have gained otherwise. It was then that I realized how significant traveling is for one’s personal growth in life. As I was writing this post, I really had this urge to visit KL all over again and experience this beautiful country all over again.


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