Travel Diaries: A Thai Experience

Image0887 (2)
Clicked while taking a late night walk at Patong Beach

A visit to Thailand is a must for all travel buddies. It is by far one of the most economical and adventurous travel destinations of the world both for younglings as well as the senior lot. I have visited Thailand a few times over the course of years and I believe all my trips have been quite enjoyable. Today, I’ll share some of the highlights of my Thai trips.

A lone trip to Thailand gives the feeling that one has championed the chart of independence and absolute confidence. Though, I would always recommend going with a group of friends for a safer and more pleasant journey. As mentioned before, you don’t need a lot of money on you for this trip. If you’re a working person, saving two to three salaries or utilizing that bonus, which  you were recently awarded, will easily cover your ticketing, hotel booking, recreation as well as shopping.

Though most people would only go and explore the beautiful islands and the exotic beach resorts of Thailand and happily return with an impressive tan while diving in the sea, I would recommend that whenever you’re planning a Thai trip try to manage your itinerary in a balanced way by exploring both the islands as well as the city life.  Bangkok, Pattaya city, Phuket island, and Patong beach should be on your list for sure.

It’s always best to start with the adventurous part with a visit to the beaches and the islands. I, in particular loved the Patong beach resort in Phuket where you can’t miss out on parasailing and the jet ski ride. Pattaya city, on the other hand offers similar tourist attractions, so it’s up to you how you wish to plan the trip. Do try a day package where you can visit several islands, each with their own specialty. It depends how much of a sea lover you are to experience such boat rides and island stop overs. One island trip was more than enough for someone like me.

If you happen to visit Phuket, a walk down the Walking Street at night time is a sure shot. No one should miss it. Don’t get overwhelmed when you hear ‘How much? How much?’ all around you. Do remember, prostitution is as common as the air out there so we must not judge anyone.  The best thing to do is to walk and observe, visit a few clubs and pubs. For girls, and especially younger ones, do go in a larger group, if you could, as there can be times when strangers start following you, so it is better to avoid such encounters by being a little vigilant.

DSC03181 (2)
The leap of faith at World Bungy Jump, Patong Beach (that dude took forever to jump :P)

Also, if you are the adventurous sort, which I was till a few years back, you must try the bungy experience. I went to World Bungy Jump at Patong Beach for my first bungy experience. I was excited and it went pretty well. It was a quite a feeling…a feel free from the world, in just a matter of seconds kind of moment. Go for it, I say!

On the islands, I would seriously not recommend any shopping, because that can be covered in a substantial way from Bangkok or the main city areas, where you can go all wild on a shopping spree. Let me warn you, you might end up spending more than you planned, so be a little prepared.

Negotiation is the key in Thailand and does help immensely in how you end up shopping. The natives are not always very friendly but they mean business and want to make the most out of each sale, so a good bargain expert in the group can come handy here. A Thai trip is incomplete without the thai massages and there are a zillion massage parlors all over Thailand. Just one advice don’t go over board and be smart about your choice of spa as there are so many everywhere. Also, nail art and temporary/permanent tattoos are a Thai specialty, for those who are interested.

Some other places to visit include Ripley’s Believe It or Not, safari, the numerous temples and monuments, the Sleeping Budda being a crucial one. One thing to obviously experience is the Full Moon Party, another Thai forte that is pretty crazy and that will take you in a trance mode for so many hours.

I can never say much on the food part as I normally have issues with food. I am not such a big fan of Thai, Chinese or Japanese delicacies, so I went for Burger King and other such outlets. Starbucks never disappointed me ever and how can it.

This pretty much covers my Thai trips, but there is still so much more to be explored there with so many new tourist spots opening there. I  feel a quick Bangkok visit can be so refreshing every now and then not just to re-fill your wardrobe but just to step out of the home to take that little break, which we all need so often.



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