Voice of the Voiceless

A glimpse of the Karachi Protest to end dog killings (via Pirzada’s Pets Clinic )

The week that passed has been a crucial one as people from different walks of life gathered on a single platform to protest against the unnecessary and cruel practice of dog culling through brutal shootings, poison and perhaps some other inhumane measures.

The community in Karachi and Lahore, though not that gigantic in size, but was determined enough to raise the voice for the voiceless.

As mentioned before, I’d emphasize again this horrendous act of killing dogs on sight is not required because every dog in the city is not ill, crazy or infected with rabies. Dogs do not attack people as is assumed by the general masses.

It’s sheer stupidity to believe that killing this entire specie will solve all our issues. No, it will not! In fact, science, research and history gives us enough evidence that wiping out any specie brings a disbalance in our eco system. Dogs clean up a lot of human mess and other smaller, dangerous animals/organisms in our surroundings as their routine, which once they are gone will keep on populating and eventually lead to unusual diseases or plagues. That, is what our lack of intellect is preparing for actually with the never ending exercise!

Being a Karachite, I can safely say we have bigger problems in this city such as the dire need of cleaner districts, access to clean drinking water, safer and secured lifestyle to name a few. Our city mayor, who is an arch fan of killing dogs needs to take a closer look at the city to resolve the real issues.

We need to be a little more educated on this topic. Dog killing is no solution…Trap Neuter Release (TNR) programs are the only humane solution. It’s a common practice globally to spay and release stray dogs and cats and we have plenty of veterinary associations who can actually work in collaboration with the government to make this program a success.

Apart from that, it’s time we need to educate our people, both the kids as well as adults through advocacy programs on animal rights to ignite the missing compassion. In Pakistan, people are quick to judge those who speak up for animal rights and instantly assume that these individuals don’t respect human rights. We need to get out of this shell of labeling which cause is more important, as they are equally important!

The issue has been covered both by local and international media for sometime. Here’s a report by the Daily Mail. Last month I shared a personal account of how our family lost our adorable neutered dog Angel due to dog shootings by CBC Karachi.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one and hope this might help in ending the horrendous ritual of dog killings in our cities.



  1. Whether we get any result or not is a different story, but I am glad that people have come out on the streets for these innocent dogs who are being brutally killed.

    I don’t think you have to be an animal lover to know what it is right & wrong. You just have to be human enough to know.

    I hope this stupid policy is blotted out.

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    1. Very aptly put! As I keep saying, we as a nation lack compassion and somehow feel animals don’t have the right to live. I am not too confident on the proposed action plan as per the recent reports that I have read today. However, the brutal killings should end now.


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