Beauty and the Beast – A tale as old as time


Few people in my life are aware of the fact, that as a child I showed immense potential of becoming a movie director. I was good at story-telling and movies were always a powerful medium that could not be ignored unless you’re maybe damn dead. Little did anyone know what the future had in store for me!

So yes, as I may put it, ain’t no glamorous shit happening here guys and movie making is way out of my line. Though still a fairly decent story teller, I have lost the nag of talking much. And movies, well, I just watch them…and watch them a lot!

Now that I have a blog up and running, I have decided to cover my movie reviews from time to time. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert at this at all and there are plenty of reviews around (which are so boring, clichéd and in all honesty quite off) so I do find them misleading. However, the one reason why I want to write these reviews down is because I suffer from a short term memory loss; things (not people) often get erased from my mind and so these reviews are only a mere record for my memory lane.

There that I have it all clarified so I might as well begin by covering a movie that I recently watched. I hope you’re not going to take my words to the heart, it’s just my way of looking at things 🙂

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has been my ultimate Disney favorite since childhood. I have watched it probably a zillion times and can never get bored of it. So, when I heard they are making a remake of the 1991 animated film, I was excited. When I saw the first trailer, it did grab my attention. And now that the movie is out and we all know what a phenomenal success it is at the box office, we can’t deny that they did make something truly entertaining.

I am not going to talk about the story because who wouldn’t know that really. With a beautiful message of a simple girl having such a lovely, non-judgmental heart that she ended up truly loving a beast, but let’s be honest this is so far from reality. Regardless, it is this kind of love that makes it so enchanting and charming for the common peeps. Perhaps, the fact that such pure love is so rare is what really attracts us to it, in the first place. But we are neither Belle nor the Beast and that pretty much ends the discussion.

The movie was epic and they couldn’t have done a better job at it! I loved how the set designs and detailing matched the original and was not too superficial. Each and every scene was adapted stunningly as was in the animated film. The songs being an important part of the romantic were also not played around with and that made them fairly nostalgic (although I am not a big fan of having too many songs in any movie, be it a Disney classic even). My favorite numbers remained ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Something there that wasn’t there before’.

The choice of actors was smart. With such a stellar cast, each and every character was so meticulously selected keeping the original in mind and it was no surprise that they played their roles to perfection. I, in particular, loved Gaston (played by Luke Evans) who actually made the character even better than the original. He depicted self-love in a way that we actually enjoyed watching him rather than disliking him. Of course, the beast was and has always been my favorite both in the animated and the movie adaptation. Dan Stevens added his flawless flavor as the famous Beast and callous prince. From the opening scene till the closing, his attitude and dialogue delivery was impeccable and powerful.

Among the other characters played by Ewan McGregor (Lumière), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Kevin Kline (Maurice) and Josh Gad (LeFou) were so fine in their own special way. However, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth was a bit mediocre, looking back at some of his brilliant acts over the years.

The only character, I was not too pleased with was Belle (played by Emma Watson) because I feel they could have chosen someone way better than her. Unlike all the other actors who actually made the characters even better than the original, Emma Watson was not really close to Belle’s character at all.

For me Belle didn’t do well the very moment I saw her holding a book and she absolutely failed at personifying a well-read book lover. Watson acted just the way she acted in any of her other movies and for me she was an absolute downer. The only reason, I gulped down her presence was because one day before I had watched Kong: Skull Island and its female lead was so sad that Emma Watson seemed bearable in comparison – if that could be a reason at all to accept someone in such a crucial Disney adapt.

Secondly, the ball dance scene is supposed to be quite significant as it leads to the climax when the Beast sets Belle free, but when Emma Watson came down the stairs in the yellow gown, well, that bombed majorly. Though, I maybe too harsh for this comparison, but I immediately thought of how ravishing Cinderella looked in her gown from the recent remake when I saw Emma Watson, which was not such a great sign.

Anyway, I did ignore Belle for the most part and wished they had casted someone better, but well not much could be done about it. As it is for me, the movie was always more about the Beast and his people and they were absolutely amazing in every way.

Now, the only test is will I ever watch the movie again. I am not sure really but I feel, I might just ignore the Belle part and watch the overall fantastic film for the love of the Beast!



  1. Luke Evans & Dan Stevens were outstanding.

    I have always been fascinated with the character of the Beast & I think Dan Stevens was just awesome. He was indeed the right choice.

    Yeah Emma Watson didn’t seem like an avid book reader to me 😛

    Over all, the movie was better than the cartoon, which I loved.

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