To my special lady – Happy Mother’s Day

Although I believe in celebrating mothers all year round, but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to pay a little tribute to my mom this Mother’s Day.

Ammi is one of the bravest woman I have known. She has always been emotionally strong. Ever since Papa passed away, which was a good twenty five years ago, Ammi is holding the fort in the best way she can.

Yes, she may be stubborn and quite unreasonable at times, but managing life, the home and all of us all on her own for the longest time and still going strong, is more than impressive.

I may not say this to her ’cause I am just like that, but I admire her for her strength and conviction from the beginning. And although we are poles apart, I know I get my strength and stubborness from her!

She has been both my father and mother all these years and we made it through the worst of times like a roller coaster ride only because of her.

To the best and worst of memories and many, many more I wish Ammi a very Happy Mother’s Day! You will always be the best in your own special way!

Also, I hope all of you reading my blog will pick your phone and call your super mom if she is not with you today. Or if you’re together make her day special with a little surprise that she might totally love, just by the way.

Do remember, the worst part of growing up is that your parents are also getting old! So don’t let go of any chance you have to make many more unforgettable memories while you can!


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