A Slow Reader’s Note


I finally managed to finish the book, ‘Marley & Me’  by John Grogan after a long time – it’s less than six months though, so I didn’t really set a new record this time. Not that the book was slow or boring, in fact I loved it cover to cover; it’s just that I am a genuinely slow reader really (quite in contrast to the way I write) and this is every bit a slow reader’s note.

I am often mocked at this slow trait of mine, especially when the rest of my intellectual family are certified book worms and super quick readers. I mean, talk in hours and minutes with them and they are done with a new read. I am just not in their league.

Anyway, proudly maintaining my pace, I am so happy at my achievement for the day. So what, if it arrived after immensely exaggerated delays. It still brings so much joy!

Well, in all honesty, I really wanted to finish the book much earlier, especially ’cause I love the story and the adapted movie version of it so much. I even took it with me as my travel read on my last trip, but due to my busy and tiring routine (as I already mentioned in one of previous blog posts Turning the Clock Backwards at length), I really have to pave my way through prioritizing daily tasks carefully. Hence, I really struggled through the chapters mostly.

This morning though, I woke up quite determined. I was on ‘Mission Completion’, heavily supported by my incessantly high energy level, owing to the abundant amount of sleep I am getting due to Ramzan these days. Yes, I am sleeping a lot, and I mean ALOT!

So, today I grabbed the book at seven am and just finished the remaining 150 pages in roughly about two hours, which is not all that bad, considering it’s me you’re talking about. It almost made me realize, I am not such a slow reader after all, I am just mostly tired and suffer from an inconsiderable lack of time.

Anyway, Marley & Me was an overwhelming book. I am so glad I picked it up two years ago on a random bookshop visit with my colleagues. Being an animal lover, and a dog lover, with two rescued dogs of our own, I mean of course, it was a story I can so relate too. Of course, no two pets can be exactly the same in their traits and personality and our dogs are not really like Marley, but yes, dogs share this godzilla like loving spirit with which they touch our lives unlike any other pet. That’s what makes them so unique and special.

Just the way Marley touched the lives of the Grogan family, our dogs have done the same for us. Time is passing quickly and we have already witnessed so much growth and change in the attitude of our mama and son pair, it is truly quite amazing. Unlike Marley, though we are dealing with one seriously ill, epileptic dog, who was once quite a hyper dude himself (a bit on the Marley side), but has sobered down now drastically, and the other female who is slowly slipping into the senior citizen arena with a disturbing past of living on the streets.

Parts of the book made me so happy and they made me applaud our once hyper male and our female mom, who is actually the ‘best guard’ dog in town in so many ways. Yes, they have their moments and special needs that need to be attended to (which is the responsibility of a dog owner, regardless), but they are actually great pets, especially if you consider their mongrel breed, their life on the streets (in the case of our female dog who escaped the notorious Karachi DHA’s CDC dog killings several times, till we rescued, spayed and officially got her registered) and the fact that they are merely a four legged creature in a society that lacks compassion for animals at large.

On the other hand, the book also brought a few tears especially from the part Marley grew old and weak till his family funeral. Animal lovers can understand how tough it is to lose their fur pals after years of bonding followed by helplessly watching them grow old and weak as their systems collapse slowly and gradually. It’s an ordeal that all animals lovers go through and there is no escaping it.

I did too, since I belong to a household where pets are like family, siblings and kids, literally speaking. I lost my ‘youngest in the family’ title many years ago to our furkids happily. Yes, pets are just as important as any of us in the house. The love, joys and memories shared with them are so pure, beautiful and non-disappointing – a rare quality in humans of the world. And then finally comes a time, where you prepare yourself and them to part ways. That is heart wrenching, but the entire experience with a pet leaves you so much more human and responsible at the end of it all.

But, as I truly believe, you can’t force such things on you. It’s in you and you’re chosen for this stuff. You can’t force or pretend yourself to be an animal or dog or cat lover just like that. It’s just something within you.

Anyway, the reason for today’s blog was to cheer my own book completion. Secondly, to praise how amazingly simple and relatable Marley & Me was as a read, full points to John Grogan. I am sure all dog lovers have already read it by now, but if someone hasn’t I fully recommend it. Go get a copy today! Lastly, it took me through a showreel of my pet encounters in a way I can’t really put down in words. Somethings are better left unsaid, as they say.

Well, what’s next for the slow reader? I think I kind of have an idea of what to read for the next zillion months. I’ll fill you in with another slow reader review a whole lot later guys. So, just wait up till then 🙂


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