Five reasons why I miss the month of Ramzan

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I don’t remember about the good old days, but ever since I entered the corporate rut, the standing up on your own feet or the feel good independent mode, I have been a huge fan of the holy month of Ramzan. I continue to enjoy this month so much more with each passing year and today, I want to share five good reasons for this undying affinity and why I miss the month of Ramzan so much.

1. Super half-day routine
Unlike many others I know, I love, like really, really love the half days at work routine. I mean nothing beats the happiness of leaving work at two in the afternoon. Honestly, I have been more productive at work with these timings and always end up achieving much more in the limited hours. The flip side is that office starts one hour early also, but comeon nothing is free in this life then, is it?

2. Iftari at home
If you follow my posts, by now you would have a good idea about my anti social approach towards life. So yes, I enjoy iftars at home along with my family. It’s so peaceful with customized home cooked iftari including mommy dearest’s special ramzan menu. Call me boring or eccentric, which I am by the way, but I hate going to iftars in crowded, noisy restaurants nor am I a big fan of the zillion iftar deals they put up each year. It’s just not my thing and it always reminds me of an iftar at a restaurant (a famous top notch place) where their cutlery and plates were falling short and their servers kept asking the customers to return their plates. That was a nasty experience! However, apart from these one off sad incidents Ramzan is amazing. I am already dreading the pre and post Ramzan lunch scenes, that will be spent at the hot and crowded office cafes amidst people with no morals whatsoever. I don’t quite like that.

3. Sleep Haven
Ramzan kind of serves the purpose of the much needed hibernation phase for me. In the first few days of Ramzan I sleep so much it’s mind boggling. It also kind of shows how bloody taxing my regular work and home routine. But in this month, I get the chance to set the clock straight and I can actually feel the difference in my health in a good way.

4. Reading Goals
Believe it or not, I do read quite a lot during Ramzan. It is more to do with will power and determination though, but somehow Ramzan gives me the extra push to not lose the momentum on reading. Hence, my reading routine stays on track.

5. Feel Healthy
And of course, most importantly Ramzan makes me feel so fit and healthy. I don’t really indulge in outside food as I mentioned earlier, and along with regular physical workout and daily chores, the reasons to stay and feel healthy are numerous.

So here were my five reasons for missing Ramzan so much. Do share why you miss the beautiful and blissful month too (if you do). 😊


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