Story of just another labor

story of just another labor

Today’s story is about just another labor. It may seem different or similar; somewhat old and new. It may ring a bell or completely miss the point. I can’t really say. I’m simply sharing what I saw and felt.

This shot of a she camel was taken from my visit to the beach last week. It was during the Eid break, when Karachites were literally roasting in the crazy heat wave. It was like the mother of all hot and humid days. Even a visit to the beach didn’t take away our misery much.

But this sweet, female camel was a pleasant sight on a hot day (initially, at least). She was seven years old and after we observed closely, we figured that she was in a lot of pain. There was certainly something wrong in one of her hind legs as she cried in pain, while sitting down or getting back on her feet.

We tried to explain that to her handler, but the poor man was in denial. The camel was his livelihood and clearly he didn’t make enough money to tend to her medical needs, it seemed. That is a common problem here. Handlers are not educated or compassionate enough to treat their animals humanely. I’m not fully aware of the vets who treat camels, but the veterinary chapter of Pakistan is not an exciting one either in totality.

Honestly, the entire situation is quite unfortunate. There are thousands of animals, maybe millions more in Pakistan, who help their owners earn their livelihood, till they are no more useful to them, after which they are abandoned conveniently and die in pain and suffering, all alone.

That is a ruthless form of animal labor. No different from any other miserable form of labor in the world. We can say with ease that where the human life is not sacred, it’s madness to talk about animals. But all of this is wrong and unfair, whether we choose to acknowledge this fact or not.

The truth remains there and we can stay blind. But from one soul to another, we can’t disagree that none of these stories can bring a smile on the human face!


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