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There are days and then there are Days! After an incredibly long span of procrastination, that day finally crept in when I managed to pen down my thoughts in a virtual space, once again! Only this time round, I’m certainly older and perhaps slightly wiser (so I hope).       

So just covering the basics, I am Zaira a.k.a Zizu from Pakistan; ancient by birth and shrinking by the minute. Immensely inspired by randomness, ‘cause it’s so damn original after all. You’ll mostly find me scribbling my very own fictitious short stories and poems, glimpses of my travel adventures, couple of movie reviews, a bit on the fur kids of the world (with a pinch of animal rights here and there), and a hell lot of random stuff because that’s where lie the most potent signs of love, peace and the rare joys of this life.

As the saying goes, ‘Don’t study me – you won’t graduate!’ – well, that pretty much sums it up for me 🙂

Having said that, I do sincerely hope that if you happen to visit this parallel world of mine, my writings would leave you a little touched, positively, of course.

Wish you a happy reading…visit again!

Note: Pictures used on this blog are from my very own precious collection and have my copyright signature. If at some point, the pictures are not mine, source/links will be provided graciously.