My Work Buddy

The last few weeks have been rather tough as I had to make some really important decisions; now that the path is clear, I can write in peace. Well, so to be clear, the choice that I made will land me at another work place and I am quite excited to explore new avenues. However, the reason why I am writing this blog post is not to talk about my bizarre work life, instead, I want to introduce a very dear friend of mine – my work buddy.


A Slow Reader’s Note

I finally managed to finish the book, ‘Marley and Me’ by John Grogan after a long time – it’s less than six months though, so I didn’t really set a new record this time. Not that the book was slow or boring, in fact I loved it cover to cover; it’s just that I am a genuinely slow reader really (quite in contrast to the way I can write) and this is every bit a slow reader’s note.


They thought I was an Angel, when I was just a Messenger!


One of the key reasons of starting this blog was to pen down my anger on the reality and suffering of animals in Pakistan and all over the world. As humans, we may have achieved zillions of milestones in myriad walks of life, but when it comes to compassion we have reached nowhere.