The Folly

Snapchat-2103790958I think it’s time,

To leave this path,

All endeavors gone sour,

Now gather your shattered heart,

Put an end to this folly,

On your part.

What would they know?

They be cruel!

Lies and deceit,

On which they float,

You were careless,

We warned you back then.

The world hears you not,

Blind it is,

Your tears and pain it ignores,

Now gather your shattered heart, my dear,

Put an end to this folly for good,

On your part.

Pebble in my hand


Words were useless,

Silence, a gorgeous failure,

With a pebble in my hand,

I give up!

Look at the clock,

Time and I,

Running in a marathon,


An year ended,

Another began,

All good intentions,

Went down the drain!

That leap of faith,

Gathered some courage,

Jumped again,

Fractured once more!

Wrote a letter,

Gave a speech,

Unread, unheard,

Such foolish acts!

Cruel verses,

Dirty games,

Same story, different places,

All regular faces!

Tired but awake,

Took a long walk,

With a pebble in my hand,

I give up!




Seek more,

Find more,

There’s plenty of it:

An infinite plethora of disappointment.

Perhaps it’s the timing or maybe the stars are aligned way out of proportion. Maybe we’re standing on the wrong side of the bridge; or is it just that our luck fails us again and again? This vicious cycle never seems to break. The more you try to push hard, it strikes back on our face. Have you felt this way? How do you deal with such unplanned and unwelcoming disappointments?

I have been through various phases of disappointments over the years. Some are long forgotten and some have marked themselves evidently, as lessons for life. There is really no getting away from them, so to speak. I mean, that’s how life is with its ups and downs.

People, generally speaking were the prime cause of disappointment (unless I never expect nothing of them, but how practically possible is that?) as I recall. Then, there were times when we lost some dear ones or as they say God took them away from us and we were so helpless. It taught me that we can’t really save anyone, no matter how much we love them.

Recently, I was questioning myself the age old typical question – ‘Why me?’ but then I thought why am I troubling myself with this after all. Nothing can change what has already happened and even if I do get an answer to this question, how enlightened will it leave me?

Is it really worth pondering and graying my hair further?

In moments like these, I choose to sleep. Sometimes, when I am disappointed beyond belief and I know it is humanly impossible to re-shape the scenario, then I simply decide to shut my eyes and get the hell away from this world. Trust me, the next morning as I wake up I feel terribly lighter. I may not be absolutely sparkly and happy (that would be a bit too dramatic), but at least I don’t feel that miserable either. There’s no harm in lessening the burden of these uninvited downers with an escapade that leaves you a bit healed.

How do you deal with disappointments? Tell me about it…You never know how your escapade or tip might actually be helpful for others.