From one coffee lover to another

I was just sorting pictures on the laptop earlier today, and I happened to come across a variety of coffee clicks from so many different cafes that I have been to over the years. So, today, I am featuring the first photo blog of Scribbleomaniac to share my coffee clicks – a token of friendship from one coffee lover to another, no matter where you are.


Of Mundane Breakfasts & Non-Horror Flicks

Happy Sunday Friends! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Mine has been quite regular, so to say. Nothing surprising or adventurous really, but mostly relaxed. Amidst this non-excitedness, I thought of starting a fresh series on the blog – The Weekend Diaries and so the first chapter of the lot is ‘Of Mundane Breakfasts & Non-Horror Flicks’. Well, like I said, it has not been one of those super happening weekends, so don’t expect nothing magical, nevertheless, it is an attempt to keep the writer’s block miles away.

Five reasons why I miss the month of Ramzan

I don’t remember about the good old days, but ever since I entered the corporate rut, the standing up on your own feet or the feel good independent mode, I have been a huge fan of the holy month of Ramzan. I continue to enjoy this month so much more with each passing year and today, I want to share five good reasons for this undying affinity and why I miss the month of Ramzan so much.

Junkie for Life

All these years of hoarding a sizeable professional experience in various organizations and industries, around (almost) every possible pedigree of bosses and interactions with a diverse lineage of colleagues – there’s one thing they all had in common.

They all concluded that I’m a ‘Junkie for life’.