It’s Time: GE 2018

It’s time for General Elections 2018! This is the second time that I have voted, and to the best of my beliefs, I have voted for the sanest, most credible, cleanest and educated candidate in my constituency.


Travel Diaries: Bhurban and the enchanted snow

Last year I took a quick trip to Bhurban with my family. Bhurban is a small town and hill station in the Punjab province located at a height of about 6,000 feet. We didn’t have time to go for a grand tour, but we desperately needed a little expedition for a breather.

A musical treat on Pakistan Day

It is the 23rd of March, also known as Pakistan Day. Historically, the day marks a significant milestone for all Pakistanis when on the 23rd of March, 1940 the Lahore Resolution was passed. It was on this very day that the Muslim League announced at the Minar-e-Pakistan the establishment of an independent country for the Muslims of Hindustan.